Types of Insulation

In Types of Insulation by Carolyn J. Borden

Insulation is the term that is used to describe the materials which reduce the heat loss by acting as a barrier to areas that have different temperatures. Heat can get lost from your house through various ways. During the winter season, you need to keep your house warm otherwise it can get too chilly. To insulate a house, you must first be aware of where the heat loss takes place in the house. Once you figure out from where the heat is getting lost, you can plant to insulate such areas and prevent the heat from getting lost. If you happen to live in cooler countries, then you will need insulation for your homes during winter. Insulation not only makes the house warmer in winter but also it makes it cooler in winter.


There are various ways you can keep your house warm; you can use the olden technique of having a fireplace or use a thermostat to warm your house. But, instead of using all those you can insulate your home so that the heat which is inside your home can get trapped inside your house and keep you warm during the cooler seasons. Insulation not only traps heat during winter seasons but also keeps the house cool during the summer seasons.

The following are some of the types of insulation for homes that are available in the market:

  • Glass mineral wool (glass wool)
  • Rock mineral wool (Mineral wool)
  • Rigid foam.
  • Sheep’s wool.

Glass mineral wool (glass wool):

The Glass mineral wool is made out of recycled glass materials, and it is also one of the most widely used insulation material in the world. The Glass mineral wool is also extremely eco-friendly and very easy to handle, and the installation process is quite simple. Some of the best places to use the glass mineral wool are the loft and the roof of the room.

Rock mineral wool (Mineral wool):

The Rock mineral wool (Mineral wool) is used to insulate a flat roof as it is strong and it has a solid structure. Thus, using it at the rooftop where it is under too much pressure is the best choice. The Rock mineral wool (Mineral wool) is available in different size and shape.

Rigid foam:

The Rigid foam has a good compressive strength, and this type of insulation is done where there needs to be a lot of strength, and weight needs to be supported. Apart from the fact that the Rigid foam is very durable and strong it is also fire resistant, and it is also soundproof, and it minimizes the travel of sound from one room to another.

Sheep’s wool:

The Sheep’s wool is quite new to the insulation market. Before the Sheep’s wool is used as an insulation product, it must undergo an intense cleaning process so that the dirt and the oil from the yarn get removed from the insulation wool. The chemicals used in the cleaning process of the sheep’s wool are made sure that the environment is not impacted.